Garden Design

The Garden Design Process

The garden design process consists of 4 phases, from initial consultation through to a bespoke, hand drawn, presentation plan.

Phase 1: Initial consultation
We meet to discuss your requirements and look at your garden.  I provide a quotation and then clarify the details of your brief in writing.

Phase 2: Site survey and analysis
I return to take measurements and complete a visual site survey. From this I will draw a base plan and perform an analysis of the features of your site

Phase 3: Sketch Concept Plans
I develop sketch concept plans and accompanying mood boards that demonstrate how your space could be developed to meet your brief and budget.  We meet to review these.

Phase 4: Presentation Plan
Taking into account your feedback, a detailed presentation plan is produced, to scale, with a description of the main features and materials.  You will pass this on to the person who is to construct the garden.

Construction Phase
I offer a client-led design service, and work independently of any contractor. I will, however, be able to introduce you to reputable landscape contractors in your area. If required, I can liaise with them on your behalf at key points in the project or undertake a project monitoring role.

Planting Phase
For details of planting services offered, please visit the Planting Design page

Additional Garden Design Services
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Enhanced colour presentation package
An additional, colour rendered copy of the A1 presentation plan, accompanied by a 3D axonometric or elevation drawing that shows your garden as you will see it.

Setting Out Plan
An outline plan with measurements, levels and angles recorded, designed to be used by the person constructing the garden.

Construction details
Detailed construction drawings for hard landscaping elements or garden features.

Sourcing materials
I source materials and features on your behalf.

Meetings with Contractors –  on site
This could include support as required whilst obtaining quotes, a visit at the start of the build to walk through the details of the design or scheduled project monitoring visits to check that construction is going according to plan.

Landscape Plans for Planning Applications
A landscape plan to support planning applications where requested by the local authority.

All additional design services will be quoted for separately, as requested.

Pricing Structure
Quotes are produced after the initial consultation. Prices depend upon the size and conditions of the site and the complexity of the client brief.  My quotes are broken down so you know what each stage of the process will cost.
As a guideline, for a  new build garden of 100 square metres:
Initial consultation, survey, base plan, site analysis, concept plan with mood board and review (phases 1 – 3) will cost approximately £295.
A garden design presentation plan (phase 4) will cost approximately £195.

My flexible design service ensures that you have all the help you require, but no more than you need.  For example, if you would like support throughout your project then a presentation plan, site visits and planting plans could be commissioned to  help you achieve your dream garden.  Alternatively you may opt to stop at phase 3, inspired and confident after the concept review to take the project forward yourself.