Explaining Garden Design in more detail

Whilst I am conducting my initial consultations over the phone, I thought that it would be useful to explain in some detail how the garden design process works.  This is something that I used to do over a coffee at your kitchen table to make it clear exactly what you can expect from my quote…


Following your initial enquiry I will ask you share some photos of your garden as it is.  We follow this up with a telephone consultation so you can explain what you are hoping to achieve.

I can then quote to produce a design and will confirm the details of your brief in writing.

the site survey and analysis – PHASE 2

I visit your garden to take detailed measurements and levels.   I appraise the features and condition of your site and take photographs to refer to later.

Back in the studio I use this information to draw an accurate, scaled, base plan of your garden.  I analyse your site and record the information over the base plan.

developing concept sketches – phase 3

This is the most analytic and creative part of the design process.

Working on copies of your base plan I start to play around with how your space can be developed to give you a garden that works for you.  Many broad-stroke sketches are made as I explore the possibilities.

Of these sketches, one or two stand out as ‘best fit’ solutions.  You might ask me to explore different options based for example, on budget or design style.  I neaten up the sketch, colour render for clarity and create an accompanying mood board to help illustrate my ideas.    At this point I calculate a ball park figure for the landscaping work.  This will help inform your design decisions and prepare you for when you receive your quotes from landscape contractors.

We review the designs using Zoom.  I explain the concepts and you are able to give your feedback.


If, based on the concepts presented, you choose to commission a presentation plan we will discuss any changes you would like to make and we think in more detail about the materials that will be used.

Back at the drawing board the design is redrawn with all the details and revisions taken into consideration. This final presentation plan will enable a landscaper to quote accurately for your job and build exactly what you are expecting.

You may choose to have a colour rendered copy of the plan or elevation details to help you envisage your completed garden.

The finished garden, just after planting

planting plans

Planting plans are a separate piece of work that you may choose to commission once the layout has been finalised.