Frequently Asked Questions

Why engage a garden designer?

There are many benefits:

  • A garden designer will help you realise the potential that your garden has to offer and ensure that the money you invest in the construction of your garden is spent wisely.
  • You will gain an outdoor space that enhances your lifestyle and looks good all year round.
  • A well considered plan at the outset avoids costly mistakes.
  • An attractive, well constructed garden that complements the style of your house adds considerably to the value of your home.
  • You are guided and supported through every stage of the garden project by a knowledgeable professional. 

Will my project be too small?

No project is too small, it could be a small garden or just part of a garden.

Does employing a designer push up the overall cost of my project?

Not at all.  It is my job as garden designer to work within your set budget, and ensure that your money is spent wisely.    I advise on project costs at the outset, and find cost effective solutions that enable to you to achieve your dream garden without breaking the bank.

I don’t know any reliable landscapers – can you help me?

With good contacts I can help you find a reputable local landscaper who you will engage independently.  I am happy to liaise with them on your behalf to support the smooth running of your project

I don’t know anything about plants – can you help me?

I design high impact, easy maintenance planting schemes using plants that will grow well in your setting.  I can also provide a tailor made seasonal maintenance plan and even plant out your garden for you.

Can I get some design advice without actually commissioning a design?

Yes.  You can arrange an hour long Informal Design Consultation for this.

How much will my garden design cost?

Garden design and planting design are charged separately, and are quoted for on an individual basis.  Pricing information can be found on the following pages:

Garden Design

Planting Design

Informal Design Consultation

Please contact me for a quick, informal chat if you’d like to know more about the cost of design or the likely overall cost of a garden project