Planting Design

Planting design complements garden design. Carefully selected plants will harmonise with your garden style to provide the impact that you are striving for.

Planting plans can also be commissioned independently should you wish to rejuvenate some tired borders, become more ‘low maintenance’ or have a change of style.

The Planting Design Process

Consultation  – with you about the look you are after, how much time you like to spend working in the garden, and any favourite plants.

Analysis  – of the site, including plants to be retained, soil type and pH, aspect and drainage.
All of my plant selections are made to ensure ‘right plant, right place’. This makes for easier ongoing maintenance, offers a more sustainable approach and ensures your plants will happily grow year after year – maximum impact with minimum effort.

Plan – a detailed, scale plan will be produced, showing exactly where each individual plant is to go, accompanied by mood boards to show how the scheme will look.

Plant Schedule  – a shopping list of all plants required to implement the planting scheme

Planting plans will be quoted for on an individual basis, taking into account area, soil type and the complexity of the design required.

Pricing Structure 

Planting plans cost from £210 depending on size, conditions and complexity.

Additional Services

Plant sourcing –  a competitive quote to supply the plants, sourced from local nurseries

Planting Out  – I can suggest local professionals who can plant out for you, following my planting plan

Maintenance Schedule – a tailor-made, easy to follow  document  that guides you through the ongoing seasonal care required in your new garden.


What my clients say…

Lindsay’s work has been invaluable. She focussed my own rather vague ideas and consulted on every detail. Her planting plan will give interest in all seasons and complements the surrounding areas of the garden. (There’ll be no more rash purchases at the garden centre!) I can’t wait to start turning her beautiful plans into reality, knowing she’ll be on hand should I need any further advice.